19 January 2006


I'm kind of flat. In NSW, we have videos of young men of middle eastern appearance going the biff with vengeance and intent, but none getting arrested. In Queensland, we have all manner of things going on with hospitals, but trying to figure out who did what to whom seems beyond our ability. Action plans notwithstanding. And in the Cole Commission, via DFAT and Iraq, we have the unfolding tale wherein we are learning, slowly, who in fact really did what to whom - and what it cost. In Bali, the unsettling prospect of a number of young Australians about to face the death penalty, not to mention the ongoing soap opera that is the Corby case. And in Weipa, the extremely long arm of the law is about to settle uncomfortably around the shoulders of a bunch of Papuans who on face value deserve to be welcomed, after a suitable period for interviews. Instead it's likely to be hello Nauru, as we have an underutilised bit of infrastructure there. That was 20 minutes' worth of news, before we got to the stock market (ooh, AWB again) and then the great releaser, sport.

I can't be bothered inserting the links, you know where to find stuff.

Such a concentrated dose of bastardry, stupidity, culpability and all the rest of the y words just leaves you a bit breathless, eh? Why can't we be nicer to each other. I need to go away and bone up on
realist doctrine. No, that would be very counterproductive. Rather, I'm off upstairs to pick up the 12 string and get some demons out. Keep the faith, people.


phil said...

...and I did. "Beware of Darkness" (Harrison); "And your bird can sing" (Beatles); "Marrakesh Express" (Crosby); "The Reason" (Hoobastank). What an old wet I am. But I feel good (even if I'm a shit guitarist - must practise more).

Anonymous said...

such a nice little list until i read hoobastank... good lord phil.


Anonymous said...

In answer to your (rhetorical) questions: 42.


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