16 January 2006

Inauthentic disengagement

Some of you casual visitors to this site might be wondering how I reconcile my earlier objective of being fair minded with the last, rather splenetic, efforts. Two answers: I can - or I can't.

I reckon I'm being authentic in getting my views out (ooh, can I call this 'bearing witness'?) but I guess some of the language was unacceptable. If I was really being fair-minded I'd apologise but hell, I really loathe that 'government' so I won't.

Interesting discussions around the 'sphere tonight on Geoff Gallup's resignation. Various 'righties' are doing the usual
'just tough it out' approach, others reckon it's because 'lefties' are narcissistic. I reckon it's just a lot more common than is recognised and lots of people have no choice other than to 'tough it out'. That might just be doable in a job that's not on the front line, but with Brogden and Gallup, that option is just not an option.

And in relation to how we relate to each other - I can understand how people like those I linked to can hold the views they do - sort of - but I can't condone it. Is there no alternative to dogs eating dogs, since capitalism won in 1989? Yeah, the commies ate their own too, in greater numbers, and somewhat more forceably. Doesn't make this right, though.

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