21 January 2006

music hath charms

Anonymous Chris seems to be a bit down on Hoobastank, but I'm more a 'whatever gets you through the night' type. I'll certainly agree that said H'stank is nowhere in the league of the others - Beatles, Harrison and the sublime Crosby - but by the time I'd failed to get my head around the metre of both Harrison and Crosby I needed something simpler to crank out. After all, it was for 'getting demons out' relaxation and the last thing you need is to be sweating over chord changes - well I was.

It's been a bit of a slow news day so no reason to go into some extended rant about the various iniquities of our elected rulers. Accordingly, also less compulsion to remove demons but I really must practice more. Suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Some men buy red sports cars others listen to H'stank. Both are suckful! :)

Anon. Chris

phil said...

I'm waiting for your suggestions. Also, do yellow Saabs equal red sports cars?

Anonymous said...

if you like h'stank you arent far from blink 182 or other trash ... :)

phil said...

Blink 182: tick. Greenday: tick. Van Morrison: tick. Black Eyed Peas: cross. Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels: tick. Eclectic 'r me.

Anonymous said...

eclectic = good, crappy music tastes = bad... :)

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