03 October 2006

but we live in different worlds

Via the very useful Ozpolitics blog, comes this story of the online game designer's revenge. Never having got into computer games, even when they were very simple (***oh, with one exception), I find it hard to relate to, I guess, everything games-related. But this story quite piqued my interest: it would easy to imagine the state of mind brought on when, late at night when you're running on adrenalin after many hours 'in' the game, all of a sudden it seems to be coming for you.

This story also reflects another of my pet interests, namely all the different 'worlds' there are: that is to say, the individual interests that people have that just don't cross over. Horse racing - never been, would love to go one day, it just seems so different (except for the trend towards young people going just to get drunk). When we were getting a kitten a few years ago, we went to some cat shows. Utterly bizarre behaviour by some people!

*** We had The Hobbit for our Sinclair Spectrum in 1983.
Oh, and I did have a mild fascination for some car rally game in about 1996. So make that two.

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