11 October 2006

lost in a lost world

I thought this solution to the education of the young offender who burned the flag was pretty much spot on. It's not often that you get what I, with my warped wishy-washy-leftish world view, would consider a sensible response from the RSL - certainly the old man never expected it - but this one fits the bill nicely. I heard on radio I think that the RSL has been receiving hate mail. As we seem to be getting a bit of vigilatism starting to emerge in our fair land, I hope no-one gets silly about trying to prove a point.

More predictably, the unctious little slug was posturing on radio this morning about how awful the second nuclear test was, raising the threat and so on. Turns out there was
no second test. Didn't stop him whining tonight about how awful it will be when they do let off a second one, and there in the article is that bloody buffoon of a foreign minister also chanting the speaking points. Hear hear, let's not let anything, certainly not the facts, ma'am, get in the way of trying to keep the populace shit-scared. That's what you were elected for, eh? What, no? You fool. Yours is coming.

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