29 October 2006

uncanny x-men

Family First supports cross-media changes, PM announces chaplains in schools. Anyone keen to draw a linkage between these two events? As ever, VVB supports a good conspiracy theory until it's disproven, life is more fun this way.

The chaplains will be government-approved. This constrains choice by schools (inconsistent with government mantra, no whiff of hypocrisy as these people can do no wrong). No Scientologists (good), no Falun Gong (eh?).

Real conspiracy theorists will see this as yet another component in remaking Australia as some form of a theocracy and in this respect I must point out the Rudds and co on the Labor side. We'll never be an Iran but the Enlightenment is taking a battering at the moment, it would seem.

Meanwhile, all media representatives could learn a lesson from Keysar Trad who likens the good Sheikh al-Hilaly to Jesus, then notes that Jesus was crucified because he was trying to "improve society" (no online link to be found yet). We are presumably being invited to draw some conclusions betwen the two events.

Yeah right. Time you took a long break as well Mr Trad, your denials and excuses have gone on long enough. People of good heart on both 'sides' don't need your particular brand of 'interpretation'.

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