15 October 2006

classical gas

I have an old Washburn T-bird guitar (no pictures online, will have to take one and post it one day) that suffered a bit of a fall some years ago. I don't play this guitar, it's just having a long holiday. But it had lost one of the volume/tone knobs and so, for no good reason, today I thought I'd pop halfway across town to Jaycar and get one. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to match it exactly, but would have to get three new ones. I showed it to the bloke and asked what they had, mentioning that I knew they wouldn't be able to match it. The originals have markings 1-10 on them and so I made a little joke - a much smaller joke than intended actually - by saying, "I don't care if the new ones don't have numbers but if they do, I'd like them to go up to 11."

He didn't blink, but replied, "Oh no, we don't stock any that go up to 11."

Evidently Spinal Tap isn't the classic everyone makes it out to be.

Well worth the $2 the knobs cost me, and the $10 in petrol to drive there and back.


momoformosa said...

like this??


phil said...

Yup, that's the one. I found that page but couldn't be arsed scrolling down. Lazy.

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