02 September 2007

father's day

For father's day I gave myself an industrial grade hangover, therefore, last night's party must have been pretty damn good. I believe it was, from those bits I can recall. Preparations for guitar playing were put at risk when I sliced into my left thumb while cutting some meat for lunch. I was thinking at the time, "be careful", unfortunately I wasn't listening.

In other excellent news, the Broncos got slaughtered by the Eels, so no doubt tomorrow's letters to the editor of the local fishwrapper will be full of excuses and cries of "we wuz robbed." I'll never be a true Queenslander, not while the Broncos are treated like some pack of deities whose every move is as a gift from heaven. Makes one-eyed people look positively binocular.

And in even better news, there's going to be a Eurovision Dance Contest. Can't wait.

Anyway the effects of last night are still with me and as I've just realised I'll have to go past the office tomorrow morning to get a suit coat for a work thing on down the Gold Coast tomorrow morning, I'm going to take my poor old bod to bed.

Finally, some snark: didn't Peter McGauran look uncomfortable on TV as he commented on the PM's (*) announcement of the inquiry into the equine flu outbreak? I guess we see what we want to see.

* insert usual descriptive elements here

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That's so pants said...

Good for you Phil

Happy Father's Day.

When the London Crusaders changed their name to the London Broncos I stopped going.



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