24 October 2007


Mark Lawrence tagged me to do an 'animeme'. I had to look it up on Wikipedia (no, not really, but my first thought was that is was something associated with manga :-)

Preface, disclaimer, namby-pamby obfuscation of a relatively simple issue.

In this context, the word "interesting" shall be taken whatever I want it to mean. If I rate an animal as interesting but you disagree, kindly don't complain, just mumble to yourselves.

An interesting animal I had

Here he is: 'Pup'. What an exceptionally inventive name, I must have been such a dull child - the other extant toy from those days is 'Ted'. Pup would be about 50 years old by now I guess, I got him before I got my memory. Now I'm losing my memory, but I still have Pup. Offspring number one got a few years' companionship from him and now he awaits the possible grandchildren.

That's another story.

An interesting animal I ate

One of our neighbours is a distinguished zoologist. Some years ago he and his wife hosted an Australia Day barbeque where at least some of the meat had been relabelled - at least we think they had renamed it. Along with the beef and lamb we had possum, emu, kangaroo, wombat, echidna, crocodile, lizard and....koala!

A wonderful night with wines to suit. Actually no, the wines were unrelabelled.

An interesting animal in the museum

Not that long ago I wrote that the song Cicada that Ate Five Dock had popped into my head, but at the time I couldn't remember how and why. Now I recall (there's that memory thing again). Prior to visiting the Sydney motor show the other weekend, a mate and I went to spend a couple of fascinating hours at the Museum of Natural History and, of course, that's where I saw the cicada. So talk all you like about word association, and the differences that unite us all in our individual idiosyncrasies, but the first thing I thought on seeing the cicadas mounted on the board was that song by Outline. Eee Eee Ee Eee.

It makes perfect sense, nicht war?

An interesting animal I did something with or to

I've probably written a couple of times about the two Abyssinian kittens we had, both of whom succumbed to fatal meetings with cars on our busy street. They both brought immense joy into our lives, even for the brief time we had them. Here's the first, Baxter, preventing me from floating away while I scan the newspaper. Abbies like to get up high and Baxter was the expert. Often we'd be washing dishes at the sink and get the feeling we were being watched, and there would be a kitten on the fluorescent light fitting above us.

An interesting animal in its natural habitat

A...well you tell me what it is, a lorikeet? or whatever - do I look like an ornithologist? - in the garden of a place we stayed up at Mount Tambourine a couple of years ago. Very tranquil, cool, refreshing and obviously a source of the restorative feelings one gets in a natural environment. Mrs VVB was out taking the air and snapped this multicoloured birdicule. Some kind of parrot.

Here's another animal in its natural environment (ha ha).

Now the way it works is I have to tag someone. So I tags Pants, Anne O'Dyne and Armaniac. 'Cos I think we'll get three very individual responses. In the fullness of time.

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JahTeh said...

I have an almost identical photo of me talking on the phone while the cat is sitting on my back having a good wash.

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