14 October 2007

back in the ussr

Well we're back safe 'n sound. The forecast hangovers indeed eventuated, particularly after 8 schooies of Reschs at the Fortune O'War.

But we had two fabulous breakfasts at one of the many coffee shops on King Street, Newtown and last night the three amigos also had a top fang at a Chinese place in Chinatown. Salt and pepper prawns, yeah baby. And a crispy skin chicken that was also superb.

I have thirty zillion photos of the motor show with which I won't bore you, except this one because of all the loverly things that were there, this Maserati Qauttroporte was without doubt the prettiest.

So while we were away the PM called the election and tonight we have an advertisement that has Rudd ands Swan with L-plates and Julia Gillard as the plaything of the union bosses and she's never had a proper job.

It's going to be a long 6 weeks, fortunately I have lots of work to distract me.

Finally, having spent several hours at the airport this arvo, a comment on the announcements they make. "Unsullied Airways is making an urgent call for Balderstone Longbottom, a passenger on our wonderful flight to Oodnagalarbie. Our flight is fully boarded and we are awaiting your immediate arrival for its departure."

So, if Mr Longbottom is not on the plane, it isn't really fully boarded, is it? And we await your arrival for our departure. Yeah, we know what you mean but your construction could be more felicitous, could it not?


Ann ODyne said...

well it was rather sweet of UnSullied Air to actually look for him before blasting off without him;
but your point is as valid as
Alice saying
"How can I have 'more tea' when I have not had any?"

... and there's a bit of it about -
One of my dear bloglinks is Thats So Pants, who had a house sale fail at the last fence.
Her Land Rat said
"oh we can sell it for you again"
whereby she pointed out that he had not sold it yet, so how could he? etc etc.
UnSullied has contracted to get me to Coffs next Saturday.
I will let you know of any improvement in their announcements.

phil said...

They sent me an opinion poll last night, which I ritually compromised - as I slept through the whole flight.

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