05 October 2007

mountains of Burma

There was a small rally for Burma today at Queens Park in Brisbane. Not checking the the PA equipment was working was a bit of a mistake - most of the speakers were inaudible above the 100 odd people there.

I said g'day to Senator Andrew Bartlett and would agree with his assessment that direct action is problematic but showing support is simple and utterly necessary.

I'd taken a photo album of some of our time in Rangoon to work and people are very interested to see what the place looks like. Unfortunately the photos don't show things like your phone being (extremely obviously) tapped, the 'secret' police hanging around suburban corners and so on.

But this issue can't be allowed to slide under the carpet under the
State Peace and Development Council's intranisgence and game-playing. Even Lee Kuan Yew (Senior Mentor? I love it, there's a role for Gough!) thinks the situation remains untenable over the longer term.


That's so pants said...

Hi Phil

Oh. It doesn't bode well now does it? I've received several requests already to sign an online petition (which I will do, obviously) and the Brisbane event was billed as one of a number of co-ordinated actions taking place. I'm thinking like, yo Brissie. Sad - Brisbane totally used to know how to do 'protest'.



Andrew Bartlett said...

Good to meet you there Phil. There's more rallies around I gather - one tomorrow (Sunday) at St Marys Sth Brisbane around 11.30am. I imagine many of them will be small but I think they are always important.

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