28 October 2007

i was a lover a leader of men

Well I took the test and this is what I got.

I hope certain people - particularly people who may live in Jindalee and have some views about how I respond to anonymous comments - take this on board and start spreading the word about how great it is to work with a leader of men. And women. And robots.

The loving', we can leave to another discussion.

Also, it's great to catch up with old friends and workmates and in effect create new interpretations - no, not the correct word but my brain just died - of those relationships. It's all one big long story and when you get an opportunity to start a new chapter it's at the one time both very reassuring and a little bit exciting.

There must be a word for that.

Perhaps in Finnish.


JahTeh said...

'benevolent leader', I knew you were JHo in disguise, it was the lack of rampant musculinity that gave you away.

phil said...

If thou prick me, do I not bleed? That will enough talk of pricks, then.

One PM is enough.

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