23 October 2007

light my fire

A quick one. Mrs VVB and I just saw the 6.30 shock! horror! show (Today Tonight) which included a piece about the Catch the Fire Ministries holding some kind of service in Parliament House. There was waving and fainting and someone blowing some kind of horn and lots of people earnestly proclaiming that Australia needs to bow to Jesus and the particular God that they associate with Jesus. A theocracy, in other words.

How the fuck do our taxes go to making Parliament House available for any religious service, let alone this pack of extremists?

Even allowing for the shock! horror! element that characterises these programs, and that we don't have all the facts (what facts do we need, I wonder?) this is wrong on so many levels it defies description.

Who authorises this kind of thing? And who (cue sinister Twilight Zone type music) gives an implicit nod and wink? Given that Danny Nalliah has had private 'audiences' (presumably in reverse, at least based on how audiences with the Pope work) with the
"PM and Treasurer, but the Uniting Church can't get a look-in (read that somewhere the other day, can't find a reference now), what degree of influence is being peddled. In, as Howard is so fond of saying, "our name".

This, as Mrs VVB so perceptively pointed out, is extremely bad for Australia. She's always right, is Mrs VVB, but she's especially right on this.
Not in our name.


Anonymous said...

Look. Can I just say, I find it pathetic that you don't understand that parliament house is the something that all Australians, whatever their religious beliefs should be able to access. I think all Australians would be quite appalled to think they could be excluded from parliament house based on their religion. We don't discriminate. And nor should we.

phil said...

They can access it all they like, agreed. What they can't do is use it to stage whatever it was this lot were staging, any more than say the vivisectionists can use it to promote the dissection of live animals. The only political points that should be made are in the two Chambers. Any use of the Great Hall should be for strictly non-partisan events. That's the difference.

JahTeh said...

The point is that we can't access Parliament House whenever we want because the country's full of terrorists or so I've been told by the PM constantly. I'd like to see a Voodoo priest come in for a couple of chicken sacrifices myself.

Anonymous said...

phil - you take the bait much too easily...JWH

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