08 October 2007


I have alluded in the past to an increasing habit of shouting at the television whenever certain heads appear and/or certain whiny, hectoring voices seep from the speakers and insinuate themselves into your brain..."born to rule, born to rule, listen to me, we were born to rule."

Anyway this insidious habit has really got a hold on me (hmm, there's a great line for a song..) and so I find myself doing it without thinking.

Or, to be more accurate, Mrs VVB finds me doing and reminds me of how much it annoys her. Which is a lot, a real big lot.

So, Sunday, there we are watching the leadup to the Great Race (tm used to be Ch10, now tm Ch7) and bugger me dead, there's Mark fucking Vaile and Brendan fucking Nelson! Where on earth did they come from? Can I recall a pollie ever being at Bathurst before? Well, they may well have been (don't think it was Keating though, your average Louis XIV clock can't measure thousandths of a second) but I certainly can't recall any.

So, of course, I started 'commenting'. Without listening to whatever rubbish they were spouting. So Mrs VVB starts at me. Not without provocation, I have to admit. So I turn the sound off (both me and the TV).

Thrilling end to the race, but.

Anyway I keep checking the ABC news online for details of the governing that the PM claims he is still doing, but all I find are references to pissing money up against the nearest (marginal) wall.

This is not governing.

It's not much of a blogpost either, but I checked the stats the other day - not something I do all that regularly - and it seems about 20 deluded souls pass this way every day. If it's the same souls, they are indeed deluded.

Nonetheless, I feel some sort of obligation to give youse something to read and, today, this has been your
bloomin' lot.

Not quite. Here's another Burma story from today's SMH. What you have to realise is that the 'authorities' - the junta, the State Peace and Development Council - do this sort of stuff every day and have been since 1988 (yes, when they were the State Law and Order Restoration Council).


JahTeh said...

A deluded soul here from the deluded souls club. We have a lot in common what with shouting at certain heads that melt tv screens but you seem to be more of a gentleman than I am a lady since you don't mention swearing with the shouting.

phil said...

Ah, but I do. A lot.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Picture this: Pollies at Panorama surfing on carbonnets - chasing the bogan vote.

phil said...

My imagination just broke.

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