30 October 2007

bad to the bone

So, this blogging thing is mainly about regurgitating with or without 'value adding', also known by its more common appellation, 'smartarse commentary'. Here at Chateau VVB we say that we came, we saw, and we thought it was worth said regurgitation.

Beauty, in this case more than in most others, is in the eye of the beholder. Yet the number of blogs would indicate that beauty is relatively easily found.

So, where are we going? Today, Crikey.com.au gives us an unpleasant little peek into the mind of the so-called Attorney-General, a closet nazi by the name of Philip Ruddock. The First Law Officer (incorrect appellation but even if correct, woefully misapplied in his case) is unable to discern the differences between (a) open society and people in gaol and (b) those who are in gaol as a result of a prescribed legal process and those who are picked up in bits of Australia that are, for the purposes of the law, no longer in Australia and thrown into a gaol masquerading as a resettlement centre without the process of law.

He is unable to understand that a young man, incarcerated in such a gaol, may not wish to be separated from his parents and sent to another place whose details haven't been explained.

In Ruddock's own words:

Well, I'm not sure why one would argue that the policy of detention should be reviewed because detainees aren't prepared to observe normal standards of behaviour that we would expect in the Australian community. I mean, that would be like saying that you would close a jail because some people who had been convicted of offences didn't like being detained.

Words utterly, utterly fail me on this one. This man understands absolutely nothing (except perhaps the continued re-election of the Parliamentary Liberal Party, a message he's evidently had belted into him with a piece of 6x4 by the littlest liar).

Even if half true....

Is this another Tampa steaming over the horizon? After all, these people are foreigners...

Finally, via Facebook, a
message for the rest of us...


That's so pants said...

Hi Phil

You could say there is a basic misunderstanding about the difference between having been convicted of committing a crime and having not even been charged with committing a crime. If you are locked up - you must have done SOMETHING.



JahTeh said...

With these words and Abbott's attitude today, if they're re-elected then the voters deserve what they get, unfortunately the rest of us don't.

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