31 October 2007

it's my party

Jeez politicians who stay on message to the extent of just repeating the same words all the time give me the shits. Hence, Nicola Roxon could have really scored big time over Abbott when he failed to show up on time for the 'debate' at the National Press Club. Instead, we got "this shows how out of touch the government is." If you're halfway decent as a pollie, surely you can come up with some alternatives while still staying true to the point the party machine and/or leader wishes you to make? In this case, how about:
- "arrogant";
- "disorganised" (as in, if you can't organise to catch a flight, how can you run the health system?);
- "useless";
- "dismissive of the media and democracy."

Enough of "out of touch" thank you, it needs a freshen up.

My services are available, at minimal cost (ie beer).

Everybody touch some wood, now. We wanted to hold a little soiree to mark the election. One couple can't come because of a belief - informed by bitter, bitter experience - that every time they go to an election party, Labor loses. If they stay away, Labor wins. Happened with the NT election that Clare Martin won. Hmmm...maybe if we don't call it a party...

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