01 March 2008

take me out

On the radio at lunchtime, "the NSW will be out in force for tonight's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras..."

To which I thought, "hmm, should have read 'will be out and proud at...".

Anyway I'm glad the NSW Police Force - or Service, whichever it is (which of course depends on what you believe...) - is out. Kind of like all the emerging links between councils and developers are coming out, and between NSW State Labor and developers, not that anybody would ever have guessed that one.

And Wayne Swan admits to smoking dope.

Ahh, yup. Now let's hear from the others. Nota bene: this is not a revelation.

More importantly, more companies are withdrawing from the Sydney (International) Motor Show. That is to say, the cars you actually want to look at. Although that said, my two old mates and I have had more fun on the Mazda stand (poking our heads out of the 3/4 window on the then new RX8 and making elk noises, having just looked at the then also new A series Mercs) and the Ssangyong stand (because of everything they make!) than looking at high end Beemers. Although I did get awfully sick watching the rotating Jaguar turntable a few years ago while in the grip of an industrial-grade hangover.

So, my two similarly superannuated friends, what will we do this year?


JahTeh said...

You'll just continue with your secondary pursuit, perving on the car chicks.

phil said...

Ahhh, yup, guilty as charged yer 'onour. I have found it often becomes the most interesting component of the day.

What the other two blokes find to talk about is beyond me, I'm forever picking the eyeballs up from the floor.

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