27 March 2009

great southern land with cat

Late home tonight after a visit to neighbouring city to be instructed about what happens when big steel things fail. More interesting than you'd imagine.

Anyway we were having a sort of discussion about awful songs and somewhat by coincidence I'd put a double CD of 70s hits in the car player for my trip out to the Central Highlands (no, not quite Hamilton Island) during the week. That's what reminded me about Jeremiah was a bloody bullfrog, which I have always thought to be an appalling waste of energy, both in making it and listening to it.

There were a heap of other semi-forgettable tracks (Rock the boat, George McCrae) but then this one came on. Well it's certainly forgettable from the perspective of musical content, so why did I find it so appealing? 'cos I did.

So that leaves us with the task of picking the song to take us into the weekend. Typically, while I was driving earlier this week a couple of possibles - along with Sailor of course - popped into my head. But what would be suitable? Hmmm...how about the bloke who's undoubtedly one of Australia's greatest rock talents?

Also gratifying was listening to a bloke pick out some nice 12 bar in the music shop when I went in to get some badly needed strings today. People who can play well give me the shits. On the other hand there was a young bloke playing at the function I went to tonight and he wasn't anything special. So there, or something.

Meanwhile, I presume that Friday catblogging still exists? This is Kim, on the classic 1960s telephone table that Mrs VVB hates with a most unreasonable passion. Thereby strengthening my resolve that we will keep it.

Bottling day tomorrow. Bring it on.


Sam the Dog said...

Re: Home brewing.

Put down an Irish Ale today per the coopers Recipe #1 in the big w. ie, with Golden Syrup etc. Had a taste after taking the OG, as you do. Interesting.

Have you tried anything like this?

phil said...

Sam - no, but sounds interesting. I was reading on another blog a couple of weeks ago about variations on ginger beer, including putting a chili in the bottle. Will certainly try that next time.

Laurie said...

Thanks a lot, Phil - I just clicked on the Sailor song. You have now completely ruined my weekend! I just want to KILL something!

phil said...

Oh Laurie, go with the flow man. Not a minor or a 7th in sight and certainly nothing more adventurous. An exercise in poppy predictability and all the better for it. Plus very nice hats.

JahTeh said...

Never mind the booze, I just love 'Sailor' and I have my original vinyl LP which I recorded to audio tape and now I'm going to look for that and rock.

None of this fancy cd and youtube stuff, I'm old fashioned.

phil said...

Tape? Kind of appropriate, JT. Enjoy.

Sam the (not so Great now) Dog said...

You did, too! My apologies.

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