06 March 2009

long time comin'

Long time comin'? That'll be the weekend. There's a new bloke in the shop and, after two weeks, I can see that Friday beer o'clock with him is going to become the norm. Not in a sense of overdoing it - after all, the bloody nanny state NH&MRC now says 'no more than four' - but just really looking forward to week's end, a bit of a chat with new company and a refeshing ale, or three and a half.

So, let's not waste time with idle election speculation. It is, I believe, still within the bounds of probability, standard deviations and all, so no news here folks, just move on.

A long, long time ago in what may have as well have been another galaxy, I shared a house with a bunch of blokes. Most of us had a few things in common, but particularly drinking beer and playing snooker. So it eventuated that we would spend a lot of time at the local Workies.
One of the fellas had a friend, I think from work, who was always there. Older than us, probably in his late thirties or maybe early forties, recently divorced and headed downhill rapidly. Good company up until a certain point but then the conversations got pretty repetitive.

One weekend I ended up at this bloke's place - at least I think it was him - to tape some records. If you were male and of a similar age to me you may recall that time - everyone was fastidious about gear, you'd monitor the recording levels to minimise hiss and maximise headroom and look oh so serious, talk rubbish and try to impress your mates.

Anyway this bloke, or whoever it was, had Best of the James Gang (*). I fastidiously recorded it, it was utter shit but I couldn't admit I stuffed up and go back to re-record, so I kept it. And eventually lost it, probably a damn good thing.

But I recall the album and would love to get it again, but it doesn't seem to have been re-released like many others of that era.

But here we are on a Friday night looking for something to post, I nearly put in Blondie's Denis (watch it anyway, they've dropped it a couple of tones and have obviously, as the compere says, "had a few" but it's magic) until a random thought insinuated it into my poor little old head.

So, without further ado, I give you Funk 49.

Have a good weekend.

(*) Hmm, the wonders of Google. This seems to be a download of the album, I wonder how it works. For later.

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Anonymous said...

Taping records! Love it. About twenty years ago my sister worked for the ABC in Sydney. Once, when I was down visiting her, I went in and gto crazy taping stuff. I was just happy to tape some good music onto a handful of C90s, but *she* was the levels etc Nazi.

How times have changed.

Anyway, here's a good quality link to your record, er, CD, er digital music. Whatever.


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