20 March 2009

state of the heart

End of another week and tomorrow we trot off to do our democratic duty and scribble "a pox on both your houses" on a piece of coloured paper. We're in Queensland, of course, so we only get one piece of paper. This is called being unicameral, which is of course a lolly with only one, brownish, flavour.

Many pundits are tipping a hung Parliament. I'm sure that many people's views of politicians would support such an outcome, only somewhat more literal.

Sometime after the ritual scribbling we need to get another batch of beer brewing, as we're about to run out.

After that we need to mow the lawn, being careful to look out for the brown snake that Mrs VVB spied slithering into the garden bed earlier this week.

Recent things to get up our snout include stupidly competitive advertisements ("our batteries last 34.27% longer than theirs under specifically controlled conditions that can only be replicated in our own laboratories which are, of course, 13.77% better than theirs").

And political attack ads. Enough said.

And something else which I annoyed me this morning but I can't recall now, so it must have been only low level annoyance.

Somehow or other a song wheedled itself in to my poor brain about a week ago and it's stayed there ever since. It came out while we were overseas and because most of the places we went were somewhat cut off from the rest of the world, and particularly Australia, we missed out on more than a decade of Australian rock history: it was only on quick trips home that we got a chance to find out what had been happening. This one came out in 1980 (according to the clip) but I probably didn't hear it until the late 90s at the earliest.

Bizarre to think that when we went overseas, Daddy Cool was still fresh in our minds (I have a clear recollection of hearing them play Eagle Rock live in the Monaro Mall, Canberra, when it was released). Yet this other song is so full of feeling and meaning, it could have come from another planet let alone the same band and it sheer blows me away still.

My current task is to manage a passable version on the acoustic. The acoustic badly needs new strings, I badly need an infusion of ability.

Maybe I'm just easily satisfied. But if you are too, then this will set you up for the weekend.

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Ann ODyne said...

Massive and immediate ingestion of liquid Vitamin C will keep a snake bite victim OK until medics arrive.
This works on pets too.
Buy in advance of need, and storein refrig.

stop laughing, I'm serious.
here for reference

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