22 March 2009

let's get weird

"With all the doom and gloom in the world at the moment, I think it's just what we need,"...

What on earth could this person be talking about?

a protest song about cruelty to fruit
I'll spare you a youtube link, no doubt your head is exploding already.

The comments thread is predictable, so I'll continue that line by listing my least favourite songs:

  • Judy in Disguise with Glasses: John Fred and his Playboy Band
  • Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep (no idea who, er..."sang" this)
  • any so-called R'n B songs with gargling instead of singing. Think all the Australian Idol series until the last one.


Ann ODyne said...

Right ON.
'Judy In Disguise' is a clear finalist in The Most Irritating Pop Songs Of All Time.

iODyne said...

Thanks for the link - like watching a crash scene, I was sucked into reading all the comments.
Nominations I agreed with were
ShaddaUpA Your Face, and Bohemian Rhapsody, but I was surprised nobody mentioned Done worry,Be happy.
God that's a depressing song.

Laurie said...

"Judy in Disguise" - my favourite ever idiotic song, Phil. Agree with your summation of what passes for "R&B" these days - would-be divas, trained at the Mariah Carey School of Warble, doing their darndest to sing every note in their range between two perfectly fine notes that contribute to what us old fogeys used to call a "melody". Jaysus - haven't these pert-breasted little shrews ever heard of Aretha?

phil said...

Oh look, a whole host of like-minded pipples! Yairs, I agree with all of youse.

I thought of a few others afterwards: "Where do you go to my lovely"; "American Pie" - I have always hated that song and refuse to play it when asked; "Cat's in the cradle"; nearly all U2, only because I think Bono should be used for target practice and someone should shove The So-called Edge's beanie down his bloody throat.

Gargle gargle.

JahTeh said...

Put in anything by Pete Doherty. I caught this twit on Rage the other night when I kept switching from channel 7 every time one of those raunchy tart ads came on. How did this idiot become a "star"? The song was so bad I can't remember the name.

Wv is jahilism, sounds like a rapper.

phil said...

And "joy to the World."

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