22 March 2009

you spin me right round

David Dale in the SMH does their buzz word of the year contest. It's got all your old favourites in it, but there are a few more that have been getting up my snout recently:

- "roll out" = implement
- "around" = related to or about, depending on context. One of the comments at the linked article also mentions this one.
- "back to back" = consecutive. In the early 90s when the Canberra Raiders won several consecutive victories, the commentators of course were reduced to talking about "back-to-back-to-back" victories. When I become king, everybody will get beaten over the head with a Latin grammar book until they learn to use words that have proper derivations, say exactly what they mean and save you talking about everybody's backs being against everybody else's backs.

Other things to get up my snout today include the early edition of the Liberal Courier National Mail Party. It was a very early edition, of course, even if we only eventually get it at 8.45. But the front page screamed "BACKLASH - Early poll results show Anna Bligh set to secure a narrow victory in yesterday's election despite a surge of support for Lawrence Springborg's LNP". And inside "Bligh cops a voter nattering as LNP's bid left swinging."

A piece by one Darrell Giles talked about "throngs of voters" turning up early, and "political experts from all sides say this was a clear sign that people wanted change. They had something to say and wanted to get it off their chests at the first opportunity." Giles doesn't name the "experts"

Over at
Pineapple Party Time, reports from commenters who were either voting or working at polling stations all agreed that there wasn't a big early turn out.

It's pretty close to true that the Courier Mail has represented the only effective opposition to Labor for a while, but the degree of partisanship during the election period has been intolerable.

Will be interested to see how they spin it tomorrow.
This editorial is extremely grudging and somewhat lacking in accuracy. Or a lot. This here is just classic, do take a look at "Peter's" comments).

Oh yes: "spin" = can be used to stand in for any number of verbs, but rolls off the keyboard too easily nowadays.


phil said...

For "nattering" read "battering" throughout.

JahTeh said...

We haz problem wiz comunikashone as link is broked.

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