22 March 2009

the sloop john anna b

The good ship Bligh sails on with an outcome no-one predicted except those who have gone over and re-parsed what they predicted a few days ago. If you've got the time for that shitzz, all good. Meanwhile, grass has been cut and edges trimmed without a snake sighting, the vat she is all clean and shortly the preliminary process of making a Coopers Real Ale will commence. I hope it works out because if it does, next time I'll make an Unreal Ale.

Boom boom.

I got one e-mail from a friend last night, in response to my comment that we have at least three more years of Smart State, that is most unbecoming of them but has to be shared:

"Maybe that should be The Tart State (TM)
Let's hope she picks her own cabinet instead of the ship of fools the factions usually want."
The first bit is very naughty but that last piece of the comment is right on the money. We are waiting with either breathless or breathful anticipation, depending on whether the anticipation started while breathing out or in. You know how it goes.

There'll be at least one punter in these here parts unhappy at the election outcome: an SMS to Editor of the local rag this week warned against electing "a woman" as Premier because of what the last one did.

Oh, those women! They just can't fuck up like a man, can they?

Back to lawn edging, I was doing a most un-VVB like bit of completer-finishing by vacuuming the gutter, which was full of grass clippings. As I have to bend over to do this, I suddenly got a vision of myself as Chuck Berry.

Just try to imagine this picture with Chuck holding a lawn vacuum instead.


I didn't think so. As youse were.


JahTeh said...

I wandered out last night just in time to catch,'and Pauline Hanson might hold the balance of power'.
That was a sickening jolt to the stomach but fortunately didn't hold to be true.
For the rest of the night, I kept thinking, Queensland the moron state.
This morning I changed my mind.
Woman's perogative.

phil said...

Good call, JT.

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