29 March 2009

sad eyed lady of the lowlands

Why do think women have been so sad recently? Only in the UK. Hah!

Jeremy Clarkson
dismisses the Mazda 626 diesel. The good thing is it only takes him about 5% of his review to do it. The other bits, including the bit about the knickers, are very good (and strangely apposite given articles in today's Sunday Mail). (Do not read this if you are sad woman, it'll only make you cry. Or go wtf?).

Rolling Stone sticks the knife into the financial gurus. The main shame about this piece is that ever since Hunter S. Thompson, every up and coming smart alec wants to write like him. And none of them can.

Busy week coming up, no posts for a little while at least.


Ann ODyne said...

Sad Eyed Lady Sara LowLowndes indeed.
I love Mr Clarkson's idea of a vehicle review - he's so English.
Happy Trails to you
(goes off singing White-Line Fever)

phil said...

Yes, it's the company song indeed. I get to scrape insects off the car every Sunday - lots of hot water needed.

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