12 June 2009



Came - somewhat (no, actually a lot) colder than we ever expected to encounter here in sunny Capricornia - and went. It was, however, as busy or full on as I expected and this on top of not sleeping too well last night.

Mrs VVB and I discussed the cold, particularly in light of the reverse cycle aircon in the lounge area being on the blink. I said,
a little further north each year and got the response, "no, this is quite far enough."

All this is an obvious precursor to an excuse for a very short blog post because I are going to bed.

First, though, via Crikey.com.au, a
piece in Reason magazine on examples of scare mongering by Time magazine. OK then.

I think you'll also like this, via

Driving to work earlier in the week and listening to ABC local radio, this song came on and for some reason I just thought, "yeah, that's really sweet. I've forgotten all about this one."

Enjoyez, tout le monde.

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