08 June 2009

fly like an eagle

"The last time a right winged party got it, none of us had any milk."

"David Downes I think the people's enemy is your spelling."

The British electorate is up in arms, in fact probably up to their necks. In fact they've come over all Pauline. Read all about it.


Sam the Dog said...

I have to agree with the headline. I think Labour, and Gordon Brown, are well and truly routed.

Sam the Dog said...

As an aside, I see that the Pirate Party in Sweden (supporters of The Pirate Bay) won a seat in the election.

While Labour is routed, the Pirate Party will be rerouting torrent requests. :)

Heard a story on ABC radio that the turnout was something like 43% and accordingly there were a lot of fringe parties and the like winning seats due to the lower threshold to get representation.

phil said...

Yes, more a result of collapse of confidence in the system / democracy / their overlords / all of the above.

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