05 June 2009

total eclipse of the heart reality

Having spent pretty much the whole week running from meeting to meeting, and trying to get real work done in between, I find myself at the end of the week somewhat out of breath and with a to-do list as long as your arm. Well it probably would be except it's written on umpteen different bits of paper that I need to gather together and extract from which a single list. Preferably tonight while the scribblings are fresh. But I kind of think it's unlikely, I try not to do work work on a Friday night.

Which pretty much leads us to tonight's "song." This came courtesy of Offspring No 2 who kind of knows where things like this hide and how to find them.

You'll find the vocals get a bit trying from about halfway through but it's a fair attempt at recreation of the melody although, as you'll find, the melody runs a distant second in this, er, concoction.

So, without too much further ado, enjoy:

Maybe tomorrow I'll post the song I originally had in mind - a bit more sensible and a lot more historic.

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