23 June 2009

pennies from heaven

The sound of the penny dropping.

No apologies from Polly, though. This zealous supporter of the Labour 'project' has been let down big time.

If you want read "incandescent with rage" from someone who disguises it extremely well, keep an eye on Philip.

This week's pet hates?


"Epic fail."

Utegate. I'm waiting for identification of the snake in the woodpile.


BwcaBrownie said...

I did like Curmudgeons "Ambassador To The White Arse".

The Ute Muster:
todays question time was totally rivetting, I was annoyed when cartoon time loomed.

Godwin Grech's name is a gift, and now watching Hockey waving his finger at Tony Lateline.
Grech was a liaison to Joe when he was Finance Minister, and, I think Joe just let slip that GG was the AWB wheat for guns expose leaker - and that involved Jordanian trucks, another automotive connection.

Joe just said "and Julia Gillard is waiting with a baton in her handbag" so I suggest that right now Julie Bishop is seeing herself in the bigger picture when Mal goes down. Remember when she flung her body in front of him to protect him from Mad Dog Latham on the plane?

speaking of vehicles: did you enjoy the weekend report of the Porsche financial drama ?

phil said...

I caught a fair bit of Parilaiment on the radio yesterday as I was on the road. Joe's effort was abysmal and if all he can drag up today is to anoint Julia, then he has nothing.

I can't imagine Julie Bishop throwing her body between any two other bodies unless money changed hands: ooh, that's in appallingly bad taste. God but she's hard as nails though.

I missed news on Porsche - will now have to go and check - but I did have it drawn to my attention that Koennigggsssegg have bought Saab, so I guess I know what my next Saab is going to be.

BwcaBrownie said...

Porsche runs off road in family feud | The Australian
21 Jun 2009 ... Philip King | June 20, 2009. Article from: The Australian. A BITTER family feud between two rival branches of the Porsche family is ...link

Philip said...

Thanks, Phil and Brownie both. I sometimes suspect that the incandescence is dampened a bit by the increasingly unavoidable drip of contempt, so it's reassuring to know that some sparks are still visible.

Word Verification: reaph. A floral tribute, innit. Also known as fackin flaaz.

Unknown said...

where's the MJ post tonight ddaaaaad?

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