09 June 2009

what's new pussycat

The old saying goes that a company that advertises assumes that the ads are 50% successful, they just don't know which 50%. Or something like that.

So, you somehow then get a company that acts as a middleman in advertising. We have several on TV: Brand Power; What's New; and the incomprehensibly monikered Zoot Review.

Are you actually more likely to buy a product because you saw it on Zoot Review rather than advertised directly by the manufacturer?

Out of the many many many (n+1) things I don't understand, I surely don't understand this one.

Very full day today; even fuller day tomorrow = no time for what passes as "serious" blogging.

If you believe that, you'll be buying stuff from Zoot Review next.

Over and, with some relief, out.

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JahTeh said...

Even if they're flogging great chocolate, I refuse to buy anything advertised like this especially after the Coca-cola fiasco.

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