01 June 2009

don't look back in anger (2)

Well I said there wouldn't be anything this week and, true to my word, here it is. Probbaly less than nothing, truth be told.

Mrs VVB and I were sitting through yet another news bulletin whose first item commenced with "The Opposition has..."

Doesn't really matter what verb follows: "claimed"; "accused"; or "combusted in a freak industrial accident." Every single damn flamin' piece of alleged reporting is framed by something the Opposition (or actually Oppositions plural, as Turnbull and Barrrrnabbby are not so much on different song sheets but rather one's singing and the other's planting melons, or something) has claimed.

This Government led by Kevin Rudd is proving less ept by the minute, but they're still the bloody elected government and it would be nice, it'd be a bloody change, if people including alleged reporters could get over the fact that the Coalition actually lost the last election. Despite what it may appear to them, it's not the end of the bloody world, it's not Armageddon.

Although this cartoon may lead you to think otherwise.



Bwca Brownie said...

"less ept" ?
drat - I thought the antonym of inept was outept.

I laughed myself silly at 30 Rock and Adam West was in it, and now Robin Williams is trading heart surgery stories with Letterman. Monday is The Night.

Sam the Dog said...

I am loving Queensland politics at the moment. Last night Lawrence Springborg was on the ABC news backing the Union movement against the Labor Government's privatisation program.

What planet am I on?

phil said...

When the Berlin Wall fell, no-one really realisd that the inevitable rise of one way of looking at / running the world (sorry, the "economy") would eventually mean that siutaions would arise where pollies would need to change sides. Or perhaps mroe accurately, be a bit more "flexible" in their "beliefs." I need to write about this...some time.

Bwca Brownie said...

Changing sides has evil consequences.
League hero Ron Barrassi left Melbourne for North Melbourne, decades ago, the first player to do such a shocking thing; then there was Cheryl Kernot suddenly playing for another team, and bloody Peter Garrett.
I'm an ottocentist from way back.

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