14 June 2009


The state of the conservatives in the UK gives you this:

I have to say i saw a Tory MP on tv last night saying selection should be about 'merit and ability' nothing else, then can the Tories explain why they are discriminating against white, straight men please?
I loved this comment: don't you love the tension between the nickname and views expressed and the given address?

An English parliament is what we need. So if voting Tory encourages the Scots to
complete independence then that is fine. I would prefer the English to make a
decision on this but who really cares how it happens. Brown/Cameron/Campbell are all useless so wake up England vote for England.

bobbyboy, Prague, Czech Republic

And it all leads almost inexorably to
this (bloody hell, what a tangled web this story is).

Anyway, let me leave you on a lighter, if not louder, note. I remember when Monica Seles emerged on the tennis scene and how off putting her grunts were. Then recently we've had the shrieking of Mario Sharapova. Apparently it's going to get worse,
but this time 'they' might do something about it.

I put a lot of faith in 'them', so I hope 'they' do.

Now, I want to know what Schopenhauer has to say about the great Jaffa Cake / biscuit debate."

As do we all, no doubt. Read it and weep, or exhibit some other more appropriate response.

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