03 August 2009

enter sandilands man

The only comment I will make on the Kyle and Jackie O fiasco is one of the old man's sayings, that holds as a universal truth:

No one ever went broke underestimating public opinion.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Seems like there's a little missing from the corporate values statement.


Ann ODyne said...

"Our values are the standards which people across Austereo share.
They guide our day-to-day decisions and shape our individual and collective behaviour.

Recruit and Retain the best
We only hire the best or those with the potential to be the best.
What keeps our people here is a drive to stay out in front and on top of their game.
Talk Straight - Listen Hard No crap, just respect! Open, honest, meaningful exchanges that are as constructive as they are informative
Empower and Trust - We provide our people with opportunities to develop and use their skills. We coach them and allow them to take risks ..."

and now they are hoist
on their own

phil said...

I'd like to see their definition of "crap!"

If anything should put a stake through the heart of corporate values statements, it's this. I hope it gets picked up and run with somewhere.

JahTeh said...

I hate radio talk shows of any kind, all I want is music and no babbling.

It wasn't just the stupid idea of a lie detector, it was the fact that people were willing to tune in and listen to the crap.

phil said...

Quite so, JT. The old man's point, precisely.

Jeremy said...

Based on what's happened to him lately, maybe someone WILL go broke having underestimated public opinion.

iODyne said...


ABC Online - ‎1 hour ago‎
Police have dropped an investigation into the alleged rape of a 14-year-old girl whose on-air claims lead the Kyle And Jackie O Show to be suspended.

Kyle/Jackie O scandal: alleged victim demands end to rape ... Sydney Morning Herald

Girl tells police to drop radio rape case NineMSM ...

NOW when did the cops start taking instruction from teen girls?
The father has NOT been mentioned in all the publicity on this one, so I wonder if
The Mother Of The Year has
a DeFacto
(7-letter word for Prime Suspect For Any Maltreatment of Child Not His Own)

Ann ODyne said...

It does seem to be having a long life. Tabloid TV did a stand-up at the front of Chez Kyle last night, 10th August, bemoaning that his career has not been curtailed enough.
Tabloid TV KNOWS what it's viewers want to hear.

iODyne said...

So now the Aunt has had her
15 minutes of fame
(Copyright Andrew Warhola)
and says on tabloid TV that the child was not raped.

Did the lie detector pickup the lie?
Was the aunt on the LD for her claim?

Ya couldnt make it up.

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