07 August 2009


So I've had a kind of VIP in town these last few days.

He may not read this himself but someone close-ish to him will, and let him know I described him as a kind of VIP. Which may have ramifications (*).

Which, however, is only a very convoluted way of saying that I didn't sleep much last night because I woke at 1.30 am and started processing the day's doings and only stopped at about 4 am.

Which leads us to...too tired to blog.

(*) Ramifications = castle walls made from ramekins (#)

(#) Ramekins =
Sheep by Royal Doulton

Boom boom and good night


iODyne said...

I learned a new word today at Sails Of Oblivion - recrudescence - it means coming back after a hiatus.

you could do that.

phil said...

With an emphasis on the crud.

Not a word you hear frequently these days.

BwcaBrownie said...

I associate it with Alfred E Neuman.

just found an interesting blogger Agent86 at formerspook.blogspot
god I love spy stuff.

phil said...

Now I think about it, you're right. I haven't seen a Mad amagzine for several aeons.

Ann ODyne said...

speaking of Royal Doulton (we were weren't we?)
they have a Royal Flying Doctor Service Bunnykin this year.
chocks away!

phil said...

Will wonders never cease. The miracles of cross-promotion - or am I being unkind?

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