25 August 2009

i get around

If I hear one more person say they are looking at issues "around" something, I'm going to strangle them.

Because it's the wankword du jour, I expect this to happen by about 8.30 tomorrow morning. We're more around than we are going forward, so I guess we're going nowhere.

So if I were you, I'd be reading the court reports on Thursday.


Marshall-Stacks said...

Don't get arrested on a Thursday because the lockup only allows visitors on Thursday and Tuesdays and that means you would have five non-sleeps before I could bring you cake with a file hidden in it.

phil said...

If the file has been written by any of the folk who seem to surround me, it will address issues around my incarceration. I'm likely to strangle it as well.

I'll address it going forward.

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