11 August 2009

my little town

So I'm reading Thomas Friedman cutting up rough about the UK supermarket chain Tesco applying to open a supermarket in his little village that will close down all the corner shops, suck the atmosphere and life from the village and generally ruin everything.

Now my memory she isn't so good so I'm desperately trying to remember which side Friedman came down on in the book which I believe was his breakthrough to "mass" readership, the
Lexus and the Olive Tree.

And I could have sworn that in that book, published in 2000 when globalisation was still being described as not only bloody marvellous but mainly as inevitable, Friedman preferred Toyotas built to specs, (much like Crownies and VB), (NB*) to knotty old bushes. Even if he belaboured the point about the invidious choice. It's different when you just visit Jerusalem, I guess, rather than live there.

Seems like a case of some nimbyism, if not numptyism.


That's a great word.

I think most of the commenters on Friedman's article would apply that description to him.

It doesn't seem all that long ago that I would post a blog every night, does it?

Now you can see why I stopped.

NB* - the boss says not so, so it must be :-)

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