29 August 2009

the village green preservation society (*)

There is an inescapable conclusion that we must reach if we are to have a
better society.

The only reliable, durable, and perpetual guarantor of independence is

This of course is only a very selective snippet from a somewhat more wide-ranging musing on the nature of contemporary media and why the British Broadcasting Corporation is the embodiment of evil.

Plots, losing thereof, but it gives you an insight into how differently some people see life on earth.



Marshall-Stacks said...

Beeb erased the Pete n Dud shows.

(breathes into paper-bag)
but they have distributed Edge Of Darkness on DVD in part atonement.

The J.Murdoch
(who will rush here by jet for his grandmothers funeral)
... link lost me when I got to 'page 1 of 12' as I have to watch Insiders now, but commend you in turn to Review section of Wknd Austn page 14 Nice work if you can get it, reprinted from WSJ and written by a Delves Broughton (guugle Happy Valley for HIS grandparents - oh boy)

phil said...

There was some Pete n Dud at JB.

Laurie said...

I heard part of this speech while driving, vomited, and crashed into a newsagents. Several copies of The Australian were destroyed. Justice.

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