12 August 2009

stun punch knock three times

Wednesday blog.

There it was.

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

No, really, via the iridescently whacko!
sPeak you'Re Branes, we come across the Kadir-Buxton method for treating mental illness.

At this point I would like to explain the difference between a stun and a punch. With the Kadir-Buxton Method, a patient standing on one leg whilst holding a rose would still be standing on one leg and holding a rose when they were cured. With a punch, the patient would be lying prone on the floor, and could well have dropped the rose. And just to add insult to injury, they would still be mentally ill. Try it for yourselves if you do not believe me.

I could go on quoting, but many commenters on SYB have done it for me and then, you may wish to acquaint yourself personally with Mr Kadir-Buxton's many remedies for everything that ails Gaia and those who sail on (in?) her.

Oh do enjoy.


Ann ODyne said...

oh noooooooeeeees.
Very recently I spent far too long at the fabulous SYB and was convulsed.
It's a joy that could cure cancer.

phil said...

We should introduce them to the people who think that Kyle and Jackie O have been egregiously wronged.

Or the person whose SMS to the editor of the local rag leapt from whingeing about Indigenous courts to telling Muslims to bugger off where they came, all within 30 words.

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