07 August 2009


I decided to stave off the tiredness by staying awake. This approach is what used to be known in boy's comic books as a wizard wheeze. Or something.

Anyway, they're onto L Ron Hubbard, not least because he didn't use his full first given name of Lafayette. However, what most grabbed my attention was the
dazzlingly accurate use of the adjective "astronomically" to describe "paranoid".

Tinfoil hats indeed.

And apart from three reasons to lambaste Mel Gibson, here's a good reason to learn some Francaise:

The delay was almost certainly medical and in 2002 the historian Simone Bertière ascertained from royal correspondence that it was probably Louis’ “bracquemart assez considérable” mismatched with Marie’s “l'étroitesse du chemin” that blighted their love life. Perhaps too indelicate for Kirsten Dunst to explain between mouthfuls of macaroon.


Marshall-Stacks said...

I loathed Mel Gibson right from the very earliest Tim publicity.
"Not only was the Scottish hero William Wallace gruesomely executed in 1305, ... but seven centuries later his memory was exhumed, smeared with blue face paint and mutilated by Mel Gibson.
Wallace was not the poor villager the film depicts, but a landowner and minor knight. The litany of fibs extends from Wallace’s love interest (Queen Isabella would have been about two-years-old at the time) to his kilt – a garment not developed for another three centuries"

braquemart (someone by now, will have told The Times no 'C' strangely ) is slang for cock, and Louis is documented as having courtiers kiss his.
Coppolas Marie film was extraordinary in several ways.

Lad Litter said...

I think I can work it out from the contextual clue and a little First Form French. Something about a car being too big for the intended garage, isn't it?

phil said...

Indeed, LL. She evidently wasn't an accommodating person...

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