09 August 2009

touch me

If I was going to write something on a Sunday night - well, this Sunday night certainly - it would probably be about how I loathe the early episodes of each series of Australian Idol, which are are about the ritual humiliation of the talentless and cloth-eared. Not to mention those who have grown up in an age when it seems that the only meaningful expression of self is to be a 'celebrity', and who get all hurt and uppity when told they are talentless, cloth-eared, and so on.

I know - with a sinking feeling not unlike when you know you're caught a bug and are about to get very ill - that at some stage I'll get sucked in by the way a couple of the contestants will rise to the challenge and will, measurably and in front of our very eyes (and ears), get much, much better.

Well I wasn't going to write that, but it's a little late now, innit?

What I should be doing is amalgamating all the assorted little scribbled notes from the last week into a new to-do list for this week, a task that will simultaneously allow me to prioritise all that has to be prioritised.

Ah fuckit, I can do that tomorrow morning.

Or later, such as immediately before one of the more prioritised activities actually has to be performed.

Instead, I will
link you to a memorably nostalgic piece by AA Gill in which he proves that he can do other things apart from skewering incompetent restaurateurs.

I think you will enjoy.

But if you didn't...oh OK then, here you go:

3. "Can I touch it?" See above. It will always
be springier than you thought and slightly clammy.


''We've conflated the idea of importance and value with being famous,'' he says.

Shame I only ran across this after posting.

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iODyne said...

I loathe talent shows so much I don't turn them on.
It all started with Red Simons on Red Faces.

2. conflating 'important+famous':
Victoria Beckham's new gig on US Idol next to Cowell, S., (who is on historic record as saying the Spice Girls were crap):
I am enjoying the idea of that as I am fond of PosHam.
The SGirls made SO MUCH MONEY they are all still trying to dumb it away.
They split all songwriting equally, a feat no group has ever done, and I commend you to read the biog of the group by The Times Music Editor (whose name I forget right now) it's a Great Read.

Now I will follow links, although I read Gill the same way I read Jez Clarksons Motoring reviews - not for topic, but for style (although I know more about auto history and design, than about food).

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