29 August 2009

one hit to the body

Mainly for fellow blogger Martial Stax, a kind of eyebrow raised look at me I'm being ironic article on one of my favourite subjects, the one hit wonder, via Bookforum. There's other music articles there, too.

And just when you think it's a lightweight look at me I'm being hilarious throwaway, you run across a statement that rings true for you.

Phil Collins should have clearly stopped with “Sussudio.” (Or maybe “Invisible
Touch,” if we’re being charitable.)
Maybe. Against All Odds - wasn't that one of his?

Arrggh fuggit.


Marshall-Stacks said...

... but I loved that thing he did with FreidABBA ?

OK ... following links now

Marshall-Stacks said...

oh Thanks!
what a totally righteous blogger that is.-

"Sweet Child O’Mine is one of the greatest songs ever recorded, but what if Axel Rose had died in an unexpected bus accident immediately after “Welcome to the Jungle”?
Yeah, we’d lose some good stuff, but the man would be worshiped as a singular perfect legend …
instead of what we’ve got now."
* * * * *

His ref notes at the end were great too, absolving no-B-tracks The Last Waltz because it's a concert album.
(it's in my top 10 with Let It Bleed & The Art Of Chris Farlowe).

Found a great blog myself Chained and perfumed which dissects The Beatles as well as many other things.
thanks VVB

phil said...

Oh, our pleasure entirely. It's nice to do something occasionally...

BTW, JB HiFi didn't have Edge of Darkness. Bummer. Can get through Amazon or similar I imagine.

Oliver said...

"[A] kind of eyebrow raised look at me I'm being ironic article" is one of the best descriptions of my writing ever. My friends and family would be right there with you. I TRY not to be all ironic, but I'm so Gen-X-y that I can't even tell when I'm doing it. Sad.

phil said...

Heh Oliver, you need to know it was not meant unkindly.

However you've given me an insight into why I don't 'get' gen x-y.


Marshall-Stacks said...

Edge Of Fabulous is BBC DVD and listed in booklet at ABC shops - worth any effort required.
as is hearing Mr Nelson sing "It was the time of the preacher ...
(and he cried like a baby.
and he screamed like a panther in the middle of the night) "

How civilised of Oliver to come visit. I am continually amazed that bloggers I have visited multiple times, or posted on, never ever swing through to leave even one word of acknowledgement.
Plus, I cannot believe he is GenX - all the others have no levity whatsoever.

phil said...

Thank MS. I'll pass your dreadful stereotype on to a few Gen Xers I know so it can be proved true.

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