25 March 2008

breaking up is hard to do

As Mrs VVB and I continue our seemingly inexorable transition to denizens of Rural and Regional Australia - confirmation of which is now barely days away before we have to commit to The Move - the practical implications loom ever larger.

Foremost amongst these, barring having to find somewhere to park Offspring No2, is all the crap we have accumulated, particularly over the past few years.

Mrs VVB and I have lived a fairly peripatetic life which, for a while, caused us to be fairly careful about our possessions, in the sense of not having too many. Mind you, not having the cash to acquire them was also a factor.

Anyway, suffice to say that the slightly over a decade that we have lived in Chateau VVB has been the longest either of us has lived in one house, both before and after we became A Couple. So, we have all this crap. We also have multiple sets of items, chairs and so on, that we have been hanging on to in the hope that one day either of the offspring might want them. But to date, no luck. So it all has to go.

Fortunately, I have found the the answer. And it looks like fun.

Meanwhile, over the Easter weekend as Mrs VVB and I searched for the new Chateau VVB - winning Lotto a prerequisite, unfortunately - we got the Easter Messages.

Cardinal Pell assured us that our economy was quite strong but that people were hurt by high interest rates.

Funny, I always thought that this kind of meaningless claptrap was the sole preserve of the Federal Treasurer, no matter which Lib or Lab tribe that person belonged to.

Philip Aspinall said some fairly innocuous things in a low voice - I gather this is his preferred means of communication, except it doesn't actually communicate.

Brian Thing of the Salvos (yes?), on the other hand, actually remembered the alleged circumstances on which his particular tribe base their beliefs, and almost got to the 'fire and brimstone if you don't' bit. Much as I disagree with everything he said, at least you felt he was closer to the point.

Perhaps he doesn't believe in a Strong Economy. Now, in the current political-economic environment, that is closer to heresy than anything about loaves and fishes he might come up with.

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