06 March 2008

doctor my eyes

It will be superfluous for Château VVB to add its voice to the blogomania surrounding the American Enterprise Institute’s feting of the recently deposed gratuitously lying little shit, but since when did being superfluous stop us?

Well, the American Enterprise Institute, what can I say? Like all extreme organisations – and it’s extreme, similar to how the Socialist Alliance is I guess – the Institute is mostly irrelevant to most people’s lives. Its primary purpose is to prop up its members’ and adherents’ delusions that there is on single correct answer to any policy question, and they have proprietary rights over it.

So it’s a perfect audience for the mendacious, lying little shit to spout his strongly held beliefs, they accord very closely with the Institute’s along with a God-given belief that his prescription is the only correct one. And because of that, most sensible centrists dismiss them out of hand and rightly so. The beliefs, like all single simple answers to complex questions, are based on beliefs little removed from, oh, let’s say animism, in terms of theoretical underpinnings. Low tax. Women in the kitchen. Saluting the flag. Wentworth, Blaxland and Lawson.

Howard – ooh, I said the name – was deposed through a fairly administered democratic process. The American Enterprise Institute is a strong believer in fairly administered democratic processes, these rank right up there in its list of desirable criteria, in fact just after enforcing property rights and the right to own guns. So, really important. Number 3.

Anyway, the lying little shit is now irrelevant, so he can go and hang about with other irrelevants. In fact, in a fairly administered democratic process, the Australian people told him to fuck right off because they saw through his strongly held animist beliefs. They correctly saw that his belief in economic growth, f’rinstance, rested in part on their labour being screwed by capital. And they didn’t want any part of that, and more power to them. Fairly administered democratic processes, don’t you love them?

So, you lying little shit: just fuck right off.

As for those few camp followers still making out that Howard was the best Prime Minister ever? Dream on, the Australian people whom you claim to have affinity with and we latte-sippers supposedly look down on, actually have the qualities you profess to see – and they called bullshit.

This splenetic invective laden rant brought to you by Chateau VVB, standing up for Howard-hating wherever it might emerge.


Crikey, it’s us and them, isn’t it? Ins and outs. You work so hard to get over it in other contexts, but when it comes to politics and, in particular, the lying little shit, it’s a just a bridge too far. Forget? That’s hard enough, but forgive? Never. Too much damage – in my eyes – done.

a little better connected.
My eyes – that’s the problem, isn’t it? With all of us.

In other news, do you think a TV advertisement in which a bystander mishears the phrase “200 kilowatts” as “200 killer wasps” is likely to get you interested in the car in question? Nope, didn’t think so.

Also, isn’t Family Guy just fabulous?

Right, obviously the concentration dropped off somewhere between when I stopped typing and then made dinner, washed up, talked to the fambly and finally did some ironing. If only the two halves of my brain were
It’d be nice to take things a little more seriously and maybe write something sensible, but really, where would you start? Wherever it is, if you were going there, I wouldn’t start here.

...a little later...

Actually, can that for a minute. I was reading yesterday abbout the Wollongong Council saga and how a couple of administrators have been put in. One is the former head of Premiers department in NSW, the other a woman who has held a range of senior public offices including a stint as administrator of Liverpool Council when it was sacked. Turns out she's the daughter of Sir John Kerr of all people.

Which got me thinking about the influence of home life on success or otherwise. Needn't necessarily be how clever your parents were, but what they did and who they had access to. So who you got to meet and mix with in your formative years. How public was your life or was it just limited to family and friends. Does it make a difference? Is there a propensity to learn and profit from such a life.


indigoid said...

Calm blue oceans, Phil, calm blue oceans :-)

On a completely unrelated note, there's an article in the latest (issue 12) Race magazine about a beautifully prepared Triumph GT6 racecar competing in the Mt. Cotton hillclimbs recently. Pretty little thing it is! Fabulous Australian magazine, too, very highly recommended.

phil said...

The mate in Sydney had one, amongst all his other Triumphs. I do believe he became a man in it - back when he was a little more lithe than he is today....

JahTeh said...

Phil, I am lost for words, you've stolen them all. I'm for revoking the little rat's passport for being un-Australian. Maybe we could have him renditioned permanently to America.

Gerry said...

JahTeh, perhaps we could rendition him to Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib?
Certainly we should revoke his citizenship. Nauru comes to mind as well...

phil said...

Nauru - yes. Just another little shit amongst millions of them.

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