19 March 2008

in like a shot from my gun (***)

Well a few very little things caught my very small attention during the day, a day very full with lots of activities so the old short-term memory problem has manifested itself at a great rate.

But...let us try, shall we?

Crikey reports itself less than convinced with Leader of the Opposition Brendan Nelson's heartfelt plea to the assorted good and godly at the National Press Club that the Liberal Party is in fact a sub-branch of the Australian Council of Social Services, in these terms:

Which brings us, really, to the irony of it all. Brendan Nelson was a Minister in the Howard Government for two full terms and a member of it for its full duration. If he’s so damn angry about things, what on earth was he doing about it for the last eleven years?

Well, yes, pretty bloody spot on, one would have thought. The power of self-preservation, I guess.

The US Federal Reserve has continued to bail out the big end of town while little people are working three jobs just to live in a trailer park and watch their kids grow up to be obese, angry speed addicts. And then commit suicide, because the right to bear arms shall not be fettered and so there's lots of guns about, along with an alarming decline in the ability to persist through adversity and keep control of one's anger.

That sound you can hear in the background is Mrs VVB going "WTF?"

Because the Arabs are coming. Sorry, that's why you need to guns in the first place.

Actually there is a case in the US Supreme Court, again reported by Crikey, that is tentatively poking into the legal niceties of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. That's the one that says if you need to wield a semi-automatic machine gun to get decent services from a 13 year old kid serving you at Krispy Kreme, then by God (that's our very good Jesus-related God, not one of those evil foreign ones) you should do so. And if the rounds you loose not only take the kid's head off but also does some damage to the franchisee's property, you should be adequately protected.

Look, this post is getting right out of hand, I blame the red, I went to the car wash and mistook a machine that makes you car smell like an Algerian brothel for the bloody vacuum cleaner, for crying out loud.

So I'm angry. I need a gun.

Aaaaah, I'll have another red. Spicks and Specks has started.

Bonsoir, mes petits.

*** You do remember Slade, don't you? Noddy Holder?

Them were the days.

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JahTeh said...

Then there's the thoughts of students at the latest school massacre, that if they could arm themselves at school, they could have shot this idiot before he/she shot us. It was so stupid I was like Mrs. VVB and WTF'ing all over the TV.

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