12 March 2008

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While Mrs VVB and I are separated, albeit temporarily, by my sojourn up-country I have discovered that she keeps up with what I am thinking by reading here.

Poor deluded, etc etc.

However, it also opens up the opportunity for a little fun and, indeed,
here it is.

The article itself isn't so interesting - run-of-the-mill mild snark, even quality broadsheets do it - but the comments, as is often the case, are hilarious.

I do love the determinedly literal.

In this vein I was enthralled by Nick who, by his moniker, ownership of two houses and apparent lifestyle, just has to be a banker (yes, with a 'b') in the City. He's undoubtedly buying the sex he speaks of, maybe not directly but...

Anyway, darling, why don't you post a comment?

And fellers, if the little woman isn't treating you right (the only time I have a G&T now is when I'm flying somewhere) then today the Courier-Mail reports that Deborah Hutton has split with her partner and is maybe looking to swing back to blokes.

It must be nice to have such choice - kind of like not being locked in to always buying a Ford or a Holden.

Meanwhile, business (as in "Business") is ramping up the pressure to ensure that we get WorkChoices in some form. Someone should show them the 'M' section of the dictionary, that'll be the bit with 'mandate' in it.

Anyone seen Peter Hendy lately? Anyone looking behind the hedges?

And one of the 6.30pm shock and horror shows tells that "booty is back".

Sir Mix-a-lot said that exactly, but in this case I believe the program used 'is back' to mean 'has returned' rather than 'is an enormous arse'.

And, following from yesterday's new sins, I'd very much like to add the words 'butt' and 'booty' to gthe list for which the penance is excommunication - from Australia.

It's a bum or, if you're crude, arse.

But crudity is on the retreat. Why, only the other night I was disembarking (no, not 'deplaning') from the plane here, a young bloke said "shit" while in conversation with his young female companion, only to be rebuked ("Hey!") by an older bloke (ie someone about my age) behind him in the queue. "Sorry, sir", the young bloke replied.

Oh, that's another new sin - people who can't walk at a normal speed. They're everywhere, usually in front of me.

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