11 March 2008

i heard it through the grapevine

...that the Vatican has identified some new deadly sins. But they didn't show much imagination I reckon. If you're going to have a clean slate for starters, then how about:
- sticking in the right hand lane;
- coming to a dead halt as soon as you enter the shopping mall or supermarket;
- describing any situation using the term "I was like..." (I'm gonna kill someone over this very very soon);
- using "back to back" for "consecutive" (mandatory Latin for everyone, I say);
- expecting everyone to understand obscure US film and TV show references;
- not appreciating those of us who understand obscure UK film and TV references;
- voting Liberal.

Additional suggestions on the head of a pin addressed to Monsignor Thing, c/- Sin City.

What a job though - "OIC Bad Stuff". I could handle that for a few millennia.

And what about this Melbourne Grand Prix snafu? I just loved Ron Walker on TV last night, saying he was sure that "Mr Ecclestone" would consider favourably the weak-kneed compromise to put the race back another 90 minutes. "Ooh yes Mr Ecclestone, no Mr Ecclestone, three bags full Mr Ecclestone."

What is it with this kow-towing and genuflecting by Walker - I mean, he's not down to his last razoo, surely? - just so Bernie can accumulate a few million more?

It's all gone too far, I tell you (lurches unsteadily off to bed, no Horlicks in the cupboard).

That's an obscure British reference, by the way.


Gerry said...


I just typed this, like, roolly brilliant reply and Blogger ate it !!

I'll give you the short version: You only listed one half of the LibLab conspiracy when you mentioned voting sins.

Philip said...

describing any situation using the term "I was like..." (I'm gonna kill someone over this very very soon)

And when you do, I'll contribute to the rent on your safe house.

Davo said...

hmmm, i love new sin No.6 .. "Excessive wealth" .. coming from one of the richest and most powerful Corporations on the planet. Can't see any mention of "torture" though. Perhaps that might be a bit too close to the hypocrisy bone .. even for them.

phil said...


Roolly? Are we surrounded by baddies?

Philip - yes, they do also resort to violence a bit quicker nowadays, don't they?

Ah Davo,I left that bit out. Maybe Monsignor Thing can donate the ermine robe to the Smith Family?

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