09 March 2008

feelin' alright

It's a scheduled weekend back in the bosom of the family at Chateau VVB, so an opportunity to get the Maton out and consider putting it on e-bay.


Because it's a monster, it's so hard to play, the neck is about 3 km wide, although the action is very low. And the strings are sticky, but you can get stuff to fix that.

I should never have bought it, 'twas a moment of sheer hubris and longing triumphing over common sense - the old Yamaha 12 string was all I ever needed.

It's like if I owned a Lamborghini or a Lotus Super 7 - I could never get anywhere near realising the potential of the car.

However, that's all ancient histriy now, I have this guitar that I can't do a thing with and I may as well get a bit for it. If I ever decide I'd like another 12 string I can get a second hand Yamaha or Takemine quite cheaply.

Except I pick the Maton and try a few things and even my half-arsed attempts show up the sheer beauty of it. It sounds like a fucking orchestra, that guitar. Even one chord out of a dozen, it's like playing golf (well at least the way I play): it's the one brilliant shot a round that overshadows the other 115 and brings you back.

So we won't sell it just yet.

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