09 March 2008

real life

The ongoing saga of the ascension and pre-eminence of the economy.

This is why politicians - and I grant you that George W Bush a very particular example amongst all politicians, but
this is just a clear example - just don't get it . People are not concerned about 'the economy'.

They are concerned about their jobs, their mortgages, their families, their lives - but they don't sit around the dinner table or in front of the TV or at bloody barbeques, for crying out loud - and worry about 'the economy'.

Well, maybe at some barbeques.

But the general point still holds.

This never-ending whinge about the insidious effects of the marketisation of everyday life brought to you by Chateau VVB, where throwing out a bucket of nuts, bolts and sundry bits of hardware and motor car, that have stayed with me since the late 1960s, was like cutting off my own leg.

I'm seriously thinking of going through the garbage bin and reclaiming them all.


Bwca said...

whatever possessed you !
don't you just know that next week you will have crucial need of a weird widget that was in that abandoned collection, you will then have to drive miles through the brunnings carpark, hike through 173 aisles to find another not as good but sealed like a time capsule in 8 different substances requiring a tool to open ...

it was James Carville who said to Clinton "it's the economy Stupid" yet last night on Brains Trust the quote was attributed to Clinton./
My Economy has crashed.
and burned.

phil said...

Oh no, I can guarantee you that Bunnings will have none of that stuff - as I described to someone today, a 5 1/2" x 1/4" Whitworth left hand thread carriage bolt.

They just don't make them like that anymore.

Hey, that Clinton, what about that guy!

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