28 March 2008

the drugs don't work

Mention of drugs suggests the topic of addiction, and there have been a few recent media stories about current addictions to technology - texting, games and so on. I have, until today, treated any claims about on-line or technology addiction as a bit wild. Disclosure: rampant blogging aside, of course.

Except for the last day and a half I've been ensconced in a workshop wherein we have been working up the various processes and artifacts we need for the office to function as it is desired we function, including business planning and the elements of a number of projects we need to undertake. It's kind of exciting and enervating all at the same time and, given my role in the office, I need to pay lots of attention to process and culture to ensure that everybody gets to hear and be heard.

All the while, of course, the everyday work goes on and currently we have a number of issues that need constant attention.

Which is how I found myself wanting to keep ducking out to check my e-mails. And after a while, I felt it as a physical need.

"This isn't good," I said to myself, squirming, eating too many mints and drinking too much water. "But I'd better go and check that nothing's happened, just in case."

Overlooking that I had the mobile with me, anyone who might have needed immediate contact had that number and should something have arisen, they would have called me.

I'm glad that's over and I can get back to blogging, 'cos that's not an addiction.

Here's a
link to a fabulous TED (Technology Entertainment Design) talk, hat tip to Harry Clarke. Ah, right and left, the differences between and the many manifestations thereof. This one'll get you thinking, though, I bet.

Bugger, the font choice button has disappeared again - happens all the time on this laptop for some reason.

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That's So Pants said...

Hi Phil

You can get over needing to check email, believe me.



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