15 September 2007

in like a shot from my gun

David Barnett is, by this byline, "a Canberra writer." That is being a little disingenuous, as he is probably better known for this and other crimes against good taste. For someone so immersed in and proud of the conservative political tradition in Australia, you'd think he'd be a bit more open about his credentials.

He's gone a bit far this time though. He thinks the Chaser fellows should have been shot. Well, that's what he wrote. Letters to the editor of the Canberra Times didn't seem to support him, I wonder why? Because it's a Labor town, I suppose. Only Labor supporters wouldn't support shooting people on sight, even if they were dressed as bin Laden. In downtown Sydney. At a time of high alert. Right where you'd expect undisguised Islamic terrorists to be. Out in the open.

Anybody who doesn't think thereisn't a fascist fringe in this country needs to read Barnett's obnoxious tripe again and have a rethink. They're not all out in the scrub, evidently. I wonder what senior Government Ministers - the Attorney-General, perhaps - think about Barnett advocating the use of summary executions?

I didn't think that as soon as the so-called Coalition gained control of the Senate we would automatically lose the rule of law, but that seems to have been the message that had been received by the self-appointed defenders of democracy, freedom and liberty (as redefined from time to time).

You know, it's distressingly easy to get angry and pump out bile like this. It's made Chateau VVB the blog it is today (inconsequential, perhaps).

But surely we have to keep pointing out what utter bastards these other types are? Don't we? It's our country too.

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