03 September 2007

money for nothing

Today was a relatively low-productivity day as well - the hangover after the hangover. Driving up and down the Gold Coast looking for a hotel that the online directory placed about 15 km away from its actual location didn't help. But I've just had one of those moments. I opened the guitar case to get the Aria out for a bit of practice and there was some money in the case.

It took a minute for the penny to drop. While the partygoers had been waiting for the bus to collect us from Southbank, where we had watched Riverfire in a non carbon-neutral way, and take us back to Party Central, I'd got the axe out to play a few songs.

We were on the footpath, and one of our group had placed my guitar case out where all the passers-by were passing. By.

So I have earned my first money from busking, a whole $5.30. Including, would you believe, a $5 note. Money for nothing!

I'd been getting into the entertaining so hard and so quickly that I hadn't even noticed.

Stardom, here we come!

Meanwhile, the PM thinks that anybody who disagrees with the way he sees the world to work is

Where have we heard this before?

Ah yes,
There Is No Alternative. But he's got a point: it takes a lot of preparation to properly cement international relations.

And, where the bloody hell are you?
Down at the police station.

Oh, and here's a useful site for looking up the meanings of phrases.


JahTeh said...

I hope you're going to declare those ill-gotten gains to the taxation department. Someone has to pay for the IPECAC party in Sydney.

phil said...

IPECAC. That's very good. I thought I'd pay my tax to Cadburys this time.

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